Building education through community

Kassie is looking forward to working collaboratively with schools, community groups and all levels of government to foster a positive and productive working relationship.


Kassie does not support the proposed draft curriculum and supports a re-write of the draft. She is committed to working with the provincial government, parents, teachers, and curriculum experts to ensure that any new curriculum taught at Edmonton schools is contemporary, engaging, and will benefit all children. Alberta’s curriculum is foundational for the success of our province, communities, families, and each child’s future.

Kassie want’s a curriculum that is:

  • Age and developmentally appropriate curriculum.
  • Curriculum that discusses residential schools, Treaties, and Aboriginal peoples’ historical and contemporary contributions to Canada a mandatory education requirement for Kindergarten to Grade 12 students.
  • A curriculum that leaves room for local outcomes and priorities (e.g. languages, sports, arts, etc.)
  • A curriculum that represents the students and communities that engage with the curriculum.
  • Free of errors and misinformation.
  • A framework for climate, environmental, and energy literacy integrated in classes, from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Cultivating equity, diversity, and inclusion

Kassie supports equitable access to education for all students. An inclusive education system creates a positive effect on learning and is fundamental to reducing achievement gaps. Kassie believes racial and cultural diversity are hallmarks of our city and when students see themselves reflected in their learning environment, they are engaged, included, and respected.

  • Champion the TRC Calls to Action on the Board level, through policy, leadership, and advocacy.
    • Support the current EPSB “Board Policy HAA.BP First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Education”
  • Celebrate successes that acknowledge efforts and achievement (academic or otherwise) that have contributed to a positive and inclusive school culture. 
  • More BIPOC staff and teachers that reflects the student population they serve.
  • Support for GSA clubs/groups at schools. Student participation should be kept private.
  • Accessible events and activities that allow all students to participate (no fees, disability friendly, etc.)  
  • Adapting school schedules to accommodate religious holidays, etc.
  • Inclusive language in all EPSB documents, policies, etc. 
  • Champion inclusion policies and practices from a board level.
  • Implementation of strategies to advance antiracism, diversity and inclusion.

Teachers & School Resources – Funding

Public education has seen huge budget cuts in the last few years, particularly in 2020. These cuts saw many families, students, schools, teachers, and staff scrambling to make due with less. With increasing expectations of public education in Edmonton and within Alberta, Kassie will prioritize access to the resources and classroom supports needed to thrive, especially for students with complex learning needs.

  • Large class sizes without adequate staffing do not serve our students or teachers. Strike a balance between classes sizes and resourcing.
  • Sustainable funding model that supports different stages of learning and options for that education.
  • Work with the provincial government to develop a new funding model that is fair and clear.

Mental Health

Kassie believes physical health and mental health is equally important. She will work with schools and communities to promote and encourage positive mental health. Physically and emotionally healthy students are more likely to experience success in school and in life.

  • Create an open and safe environment for discussing problems and questions regarding mental health.
  • Create opportunities for student learning and well-being to be enhanced through partnerships and engagement with students, staff, parents and community.
  • Focus on supporting staff, teachers and students’ mental health.
  • An increase in the amount of mental health professionals in schools.
  • Actively supporting policies for safe and accepting schools, including bullying prevention, intervention policies, etc.

Program Choice

Edmonton is a diverse community, so too are the children who attend our schools. Kassie will work collaboratively to provide parents with options and freedom of choice so their children can attend schools that meet their needs.

  • Balance student needs to attend specialized programs and attendance at their neighbourhood school.
  • Work to keep more families/students in the public school system.

Capital Projects

Ward C is a fast-growing and changing community within Edmonton. Kassie will prioritize capital funding to serve Ward C’s needs. This means focusing on new schools in communities that need them and retrofits, upgrades, and modernization of existing schools in a timely fashion.

  • Staying ontop of retrofits, upgrades, and modernization before major repairs are required.
  • Avoid school closures and prioritize new schools in communities that need them.
  • Oppose P3’s and the privatization of services at our schools. 


Let's Build Something Together